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About Us

Our Introduction

Saroj Institute of Films and Fashion is equal to great instruction. In the quest for greatness , SIFF is here to prepare and deliver the master movie producers, columnists and media experts , Fashion Designers, Artists and qualified specialists. Staying up with the optimized Film, Fashion Industry we achieve remarkable skilled spirits from all aspects of the nation having confidence in flying towards an amazing stature in propositions of this industry.

Having the business specialists and experts as our resources , well arranged course structure , concentrated preparation , the understudies make us extraordinary compared to other film, media and design foundations of the world. SIFF believes in giving the best training to its understudies.

Who We Are

Since its inception, the foundation has developed itself into a universally prestigious establishment of higher learning; enterprise and utilising capacity; obliging the necessities of the Film and Fashion industry.

SIFF has transformed into an industry head that creates courses with a heartbeat on the necessities of the whole range of the business. The institute guarantees that the businesses it takes into account are furnished with individuals who have the necessary range of abilities to lead development, advancement and social turn of events. SIFF is a pioneer in the Indian market, joining half and half mixed learning and constant talks in an organized way, in this manner making learning increasingly compelling and locked in.